Computer Problem Description

This is one of the most common issues faced by most users. Sometimes after a major update, the computer refused to boot up. They might get a message like no bootable drive found or missing files In Mac computers you would see something like a folder with the question mark flashing. While updates are not the cause of this issue, they can bring out the existing problems that your computer already had.

This issue could also be caused by a failing hard drive and in some cases even a computer virus on your computer. Either way, you would need to have the Windows or Mac OS reinstalled from scratch and your files moved if you would like.

Windows 1 / Mac OS Fixes

  • If no data is present / needed, download the Windows 10 image and burn it to a USB drive of at least 8 GB capacity.
  • Windows 10 can be downloaded here
  • If data is needed, remove the existing hard-drive / SSD and connect it to another computer using an appropriate adapter and copy the files over. Also, a good time to run a hard-disk checker for errors.
  • Run a memory test. Although, a distant possibility, it is not a bad idea to do so

How much does NVpcfix charge?

  1. If no data is needed, we charge only $79.
  2. If we need to back up the data, the total charges are $119
  3. Flat pricing, does not include parts if needed
  4. If you decide to not get it fixed, you only pay $79
If data is needed, NVpcfix recommends bringing it to us. what we charge is nothing when compared to your priceless data
Our flat and fair pricing makes it easy to make that decision
If no data is needed, bring it to NVpcfix
At only $79, you just can’t say no!