Computer Problem Description

Browser hijacking is just like the name sounds. The browser that you are using and it affects all the browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer & even Firefox Mozilla. This one can be a big problem. What it does is that all of a sudden it would take you a warning page by itself and from there it would ask you to call a number which goes overseas. If you ever call that number, they would try and sound legit and would even be a toll-free number. Most people do not realize this scam and they end up paying a lot more money than you would think. Some of our customers actually paid them upwards of $500.

Browser Hijack Fixes

  • Fixing the browser hijacking is not much of a problem. The solution is pretty simple. In fact, you could do this yourself. The bigger problem is actually being able to identify it.
  • It could be a virus that is installed on the computer which points you to a certain malicious website.
  • You can try and disconnect the computer from the internet and restart the computer.
  • If you are pretty confident that your computer only has a browser hijacking issue, you can just restart your computer and not store the pages when given the option by the browser. That is it.

How can NVpcfix help with browser hijacking?

  1.  With decades of experience, we can tell in an instant if it is a browser hijack or more?
  2. Being quick to diagnose means we know what to look for and what is the best way to ensure your privacy
  3. In some cases a complete back up of the computer followed with the fresh install of the operating system might be suggested.
  4. With so much of hacking and breaching of security out there, we are trained to provide you with nothing but the best solutions to safeguard your identity.
I have tried removing it but I still see a popup, Is it really wroth bring it in?
 It depends! How comfortable are you with losing your data or worse, your identity? For a fraction of the cost, we can help you sleep soundly knowing that no one has access to your data
If I bring my computer for service, how long would it take you guys to fix it?
 In most cases, you can have your computer back the very next day. In rare cases where data to be backed up is huge, it would depend on the data. We can give you free estimate when you bring in your computer