Custom Computer Problem Description

This is the most common issue for which our customers bring in their newly built custom computers by them. You turn on the switch, the fans spin, you hear a bunch of sounds but there is no display or as the nerds would say POST. You wonder if your monitor is not working or defective so somehow you get another monitor to test it. Still, no display! Maybe, you thought that switching the signal source for the monitor would help but to no avail. Or, you might not have another monitor so you somehow hook it up to the big TV in the living room and still no luck. Have you tried all of these scenarios before picking up the phone and giving us a call? We get it! Building your own computer is a lot of fun and we at NVpcfix encourage our customers to go that route. We even support them by offering real-time coaching while putting their computer together.

Common Fixes

  • Make sure the ram/memory is seated properly. If you have a set of 2 or 4 sticks, just try with only 1 stick to see if you can get your computer to boot up.
  • Make sure that the motherboard is fully compatible with the model of your CPU. Sometimes, all you need is a bios update for the motherboard to work with the new CPU.
  • Make sure all the power supply cables are hooked up and snug with the motherboard in case you have no activity whatsoever on your new customer-built computer.
  • Check to see if your CPU is fully seated with the motherboard.

How much does NVpcfix charge to troubleshoot a customer computer?

  1. NVpcfix charges a flat fee of $99 to troubleshoot and tell you the exact issue.
  2. The feel does not include any parts. If parts are needed, you have the option of buying them yourself.
  3. The service includes the installation of Windows 10 on your computer, you provide the activation keys, we install the Operating System for you.
  4. This flat fee covers all the troubleshooting. If you want to add extra parts like a liquid cooler, an additional fee will apply.
If you have tried everything and are still not able to get the computer to run, please bring it to us!
 We do not want you to destroy your new computer but rather enjoy your new prized possession.
 It might be something you have overlooked?
We at NVpcfix, have years of experience building computers from scratch. Let our experience help you enjoy your new computer NOW!