Computer Problem Description

This is one of the most common computer hardware issues. Sadly, this is also the biggest reason why so many people lose their data. If you have any data on your computer then this is not the place for you to experiment or even try. One of the subtle symptoms of the hard drive failure that makes it very difficult to diagnose is that it could disguise as a slow computer problem.
While everything might appear to be fine, it would progressively start slowing down the computer. Sometimes, it might take months for the problem to get worse.
If you are the person that does regular data backup on a regular basis, you would start getting an error while doing the backup something like unable to read from source or similar.

Hard drive failure fix

  • For the reasons stated above, it is not the best idea to try and address this kind of repair unless you have a good set of data backup.
  • It is harder to diagnose the failure than the actual repair.
  • It is easier to replace the hard drive in a desktop computer than an All-in-one computer or a laptop.
  • Generally, a great time to upgrade to a solid-state drive.

How much does NVpcfix charge for a hard drive replacement?

  1. If no data backup is needed, the flat $79 fee applies.
  2. NVpcfix does not chage iMac hard drives.
  3. If data backup is needed, the total cost of repair would be $119.
  4. The cost of hard drive / solid-state drive is not included in the price.
Can I bring in my own hard drive or solid-state drive for repair? 
Of course, we encourage you to bring or buy your own parts.
does my price change if I bring in my own parts?
NVpcfix charges for labor and parts separately. So, no.