Are you always waiting for the spinning circle to end?

This is one of the top 3 issues that we address the most. So, why do computers slow get overtime? Well, it depends on many factors.

  1. Was the computer fast enough when you bought it?
  2. Did you buy it new or used?
  3. Was the decision made on the basis of the price alone?
  4. It might be just a case of a failing hard drive.
  5. Good time to do a data backup.
  6. Computer memory (RAM), gone bad.
  7. Malware and spyware infections.
  8. Expired anti-virus software.
  9. Multiple anti-virus programs are active on the same computer.

As you see there can be many reasons why your computer is running slow. There is a good chance that the computer might be running on all of its 10 cylinders but the cylinders aren’t just enough? aka a basic computer?

The other factors to consider would be to understand that over a period of time the programs keep on becoming bigger and bigger. Remember the last time when you got the Adobe Reader update or that Anti-virus update? That was the moment of those programs getting bigger.

Possible Fixes

  • Run a complete memory test.
  • Run a complete diagnostic for a hard drive or a solid-state drive failure.
  • Look for programs that look suspicious.
  • Is your anti-virus current. Check the subscription status.
  • Inspect your computer for having more than one version of anti-virus on your computer.

How much does NVpcfix charge to suggest repairs for a slow computer?

  1. As always, NVpcfix does not charge to give you a free estimate.
  2. Not all computers can be made faster.
  3. If the computer is too old to be fixed, we do not charge you anything.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, normal rates apply. $79 without data backup.
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